As people crowd the streets marching in following their hearts to something that has been needing to be shed light on since the days of slavery. Black lives matter now. That doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t matter. Black lives need to matter; it isn’t right the racism that has come to light in our society that still exists that has been hiding for so long through media all around. It took a pandemic to bring light to this subject. This writing is my own opinion and experience.

Nathan Dumlao took the picture on Unsplash.

The black lives matter movement was founded and created in 2013 in response to Trevyvan martin’s murder. (https://blacklivesmatter.com/about/) this movement has been going strong for six years now. The most significant impact was on June 6th of 2020, when half a million people all over the world marched from 550 places across the united states on that day. America woke up a little about the truth of racism. The protesting continues even today.

The conversation hasn’t stopped all walks of life continue to talk about it. This isn’t something to walk away from. This is a living and breathing truth that needs to have change occur. If we genuinely want to make a difference continue talking about it even if it becomes uncomfotable.

I remember in Orlando Florida I don't know If it was north or south or anything directionally I was near Disney world in a hotel and I was tired of being in their so I went for a walk. I saw a mall that looked open it was small and it was called black mall. I thought that was a interesting name I had no idea what kind of love I was walking into. I like to adventure into the unknown so I looked both ways as traffic was going crazily. I had to wait a bit and it was humid which is normal for florida.

I ran across the street and walked straight into the mall as a black man watched me walk into the mall. I had no idea why he was watching me until I entered into the building. I could only imagine him saying “What the fuck” in his head. I was the only white person in the building but everyone was so kind to me and welcomed me as I looked at clothes. I passed a barber shop and explored the jewelry that was there. It was formed more like a garage sale in a mall but it was fun.

I found one place near the end of the entire mall with a sign that sid garage sale clothes on sale 2 for 5 dollars. I ended up finding a beautiful blue dress that said relations styles and a pink short sleeve shirt with a silver heart with words on it with the words love written throughout it. I ended up buying the deal 2 for 5 dollars and I hadexactly 5 dollars in my pocket. The women who was selling her clothing was older and very sweet she as she folded my clothes and put them in a bag she had on hand “These are beautiful choices you will look great in these” I replied “Thank you” then she told me to have a nice rest of my day.

I left from there and went back to my hotel happy to have new clothes. The point of this story is that I was the only white person their and I didn't receive any racist remarks or mistreatment but if the table was turned sadly it probably wouldn't go that way. When will America wake up and start making the change? or are we just going to sit back and watch it rise or fall? its up to us to be the change.



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Jessi Hersey

Author and Teacher write about inclusion, current events, diversity and love.