The relief of election season being over

It all began with Ballot, whether you did at home or social distancing in person. We all played an important part in the recent election, and we got to see where our country stands in the political races and what changes need to be made. I know more people than ever stepped up and voted. I did my ballot at home and turned it in at a library since that was one of my location choices.

I feel the wave of change as I chose my candidate and read all the legal stuff that came with it. At my day job working with adults and kids of special needs after our meeting, a co-worker had an update showing where the voting was going and how tight the race was for the president. My friend at work watched it like a clock and kept me updated whether I asked or not. She worryingly watched closely as my close friend did the same she just didn't know what to do with herself. I knew I would hear about it from someone whether I watched or listened to the news or not.

I knew depending on whoever won this round was going to continuously affect our economy, especially with the virus still in full swing. A friend my retail day job though she wasn’t feeling good that day checked to make sure everyone was voting. This presidential election was so important because we all together have been working through this tough time and doing our best to go to work every day, whether online or social distancing in person with masks. It has been a change in culture and perspective.

I was walking my dog when a friend of mine came out her door shouting “Biden won” with champagne in hand. She asked me if I wanted some. I said, “No, thank you,” and she told me to go walk my dog. I felt a huge wave of relief pass over me as I did continue walking my dog. I soaked in the news. The news that life would be changing again for the better, this time.No more childish hissy fits about fake news or the blame game. There might be a little blame game still but rest assured positive change is ahead.

The switch will be happening, and I am thankful to have taken part in this change. As everyone around me did too and put in their two cents every step of the way.



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Jessi Hersey

Author and Teacher write about inclusion, current events, diversity and love.